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Easily Resolve iMac Error Code 36

Like all the different Operating System File System is also a very important part of any computer system that holds all the vital data and information. File System is a very important part of any computer system that holds a very important place in storing and accessing all the data in an efficient way. All the different Operating System have a various sets of file systems and in Mac system HFS, HFS+, HFS Wrapper etc are some of the file system that helps in managing all the data in an efficient way. But being a file system they are also prone to corruption due to several reasons as mishandling, power failure etc that will corrupt or damage the file system and also makes the stored data in-accessible.

Some of the times Mac users wants Windows operating System or Windows File system based volumes to store all the data. To accomplish this task user format the volumes on their Mac system into Windows and use them through Finder. But there are times when Mac OS X 10.6 users will face several complication while transferring files or folders from their Mac volumes to Windows formatted Volumes. In that condition when the user file in FAT formatted volume with the Finder and trying to copy files from Desktop, but the operation fails and certain error messages will appear on the screen as :

  • “The Finder can't complete the operation because some data can't be read or written. (Error code 36)”

Error Code 36 is a very common problem that may appear on most of the Mac OS 10.6 Operating System. The main reason behind the occurrence of this error is that while copying files from Mac to Windows system the Mac OS X 10.6 will prefixes the file with '._', and this is the only reason that result in the appearance of this error. This error will kill the Windows compatibility option and neither the files will be copied nor accessed. To over come the corruption issues mac system provide “Disk Utility” that will repair all the damaged, corrupted, lost, or in-accessible data and make them accessible once again. However in several severe cases of corruption Disk Utility will fail to perform the recovery in that case user can opt the third party utility that will perform the recovery and retrieve all the data in an efficient way. This is a perfect tool that will resolve all the corruption issues even in the other cases as sudden formatting, mishandling, virus infection or even when data are deleted from Mac Trash Bins.

Mac Data Recovery Tool is one of the most advanced and perfect utility that will undelete all the damaged and deleted data from iMac system. It will easily fix all the corruption issues that may arise in the system due to Error code 36. The tool is equipped with numbers of advanced features and scanning algorithms that will throughly scan the system and search for all the lost data. In addition the best part about this recovery tool is that it is made with a very interactive and graphical interface that will describe all the different steps that are evolved in the recovery and also make it easier for technical as well as layman to easily operate the tool and restore the data in an efficient way even deleted from the trash.

User Guide-Undelete iMac Data Recovery Software

Know How to Use the Software

Step 1: Download and Install the software with quick installation wizard. Just follow the wizard to successfully install Mac Data Recovery Software.

Step 2: Select the volume mentioned in the interface for recovery of deleted data

Step 3: Choose the file device from which you need to perform recovery.

Step 4:Now Click on the "Start Scan" button to start up the scanning process.

Step 5: Once, the scanning process is complete, the software efficiently recovers all deleted files including trashed one. Now, you can restore recovered files at your specified location.